Stoney Lee Cottengim

Stoney Cottengim playing Guitar

 Stoney Lee Cottengim is more than just your small town musician from humble beginnings with a natural proclivity for performance.  He’s an authentic and unique guitarist who continues to express the conviction and dedication needed to go the distance. Born and raised in a Midwestern music mecca with a surplus of early childhood influences allowed him to pursue his musical abilities. It is rumored that he began his career as a solo clog dancer for an Ozarks country music show at the age of 10. It wasn’t until the age of 12 when he was given a bass guitar and shown a handful of bass lines that he found his calling. As a child of a performing artist, he was essentially put in a sink-or-swim environment. Stoney not only proved to have an ability to connect with audiences but also the wherewithal to captivate them. Today, Stoney plays multiple instruments including guitar, bass guitar, piano, and harmonica. He unpretentiously attracts audiences of all ages with his humility and warmth. The upcoming release of his first self-titled album with the band Papa Green Shoes & the Hillbilly Boutique will showcase his diverse sound as well as his passion for the blues-infused genre he was raised in. Stoney dreams of leaving a legacy of music that impacts the communities he plays in. As a son and product of a musical upbringing, he is compelled to preserve the tradition of his heritage. In the meantime, he will continue to bring smiles to the faces of live music enthusiasts across the Midwest and to spread his message: Great music gives the gift of joy but only if it comes from a place of joy.